Considering a new market and need an entry strategy? Or perhaps you require a specialized technology roadmap to ensure success? ForceMultiplier brings decades of experience in the Aerospace and Defense arena that support you in achieving your goals. Our specialized solutions focus on the following areas:


Before you take any product to market, you want to ensure it will resonate with the customer and be well-received. ForceMultiplier brings the dual experience of military and aerospace business to bear with our product line assessment approach. Get an experienced yet unique perspective to learn early in the process potential adjustments, innovations and ideas to introduce and/or relaunch your product lines for successful adoption and utilization.


Investing in an Aerospace and/or a Defense company is only the first step. Once you have made the initial investment, it’s time to begin maximizing your investment. ForceMultiplier provides growth and strategy solutions to increase the profitability of your investment. Using decades of industry experience coupled with a solid understanding of innovation, we help position your investment for a lucrative sales opportunity.


Aligning technology solutions with short and/or long-term goals requires a solid plan developed by an experienced, forward-thinking professional. It is crucial to have someone who can guide you through the various alternatives, development of multiple technologies and completion timelines. More importantly, having that person bring vast experience to ensure the best decisions are made to ensure accurate technology investments is critical to success. ForceMultiplier team members have exactly that experience, while providing transformative solutions. As your trusted advisor, ForceMultiplier ensures your technology solutions are aligned successfully to maximize goals.

ForceMultiplier Group provides these unique solutions because we recognize the need in the Aerospace and Defense industry, and realize our experience and innovative approach will ensure your organization will be positioned to win. Contact ForceMultiplier Group to learn more.


In alliance with ForceMultiplier, this solution is focused on assisting the U.S. Department of Defense, bases and installations, in meeting their required renewable energy commitments and reductions in energy costs.  By developing partnerships with key industry leaders, we deliver a complete solution to our military clients that ensures compliance while also providing a unique, full-circle system, which includes:

  • Technology selection
  • Feedstock procurement
  • EPC selection
  • Permitting
  • Project financing

Our solution removes the difficulty of finding renewable energy solutions while keeping in mind the need to meet budget restraints. ForceMultiplier has worked with industry partners to develop renewable energy solutions, including gasification and solar power for military installations around the country. Aligned with the Department of Defense experience from ForceMultiplier, we provide a turn-key solution for your renewable energy requirements.