Developing strategies for acquiring new business, particularly in the government space, requires specialized skills, exceptional strategies and an ability to showcase differentiation as a winning solution for the target audience. ForceMultiplier has the experience in the Aerospace and Defense industry and an exceptional “can-do” spirit that will ensure you can grow your business.


To drive growth in the Aerospace and Defense industry requires a thorough understanding of the voice of the customer, as well as a solid methodology for prioritizing market segmentations, qualifying potential business opportunities, and developing sophisticated customer lead generation strategies. The ForceMultiplier method uses decades of experience that provide insights into both military and business operations, ensuring that your business development strategy propels you beyond your competition and squarely into the sights of your target audience.


The most effective means of ensuring your organization earns government contracts is to have a solid capture strategy. It is crucial to raise the probability of winning for a proposal by utilizing best practices during the pursuit and pre-proposal phases. Doing so requires expertise in the capture lifecycle, capture team design and development and developing winning strategies. Fortunately, at ForceMultiplier we have a unique and proven process that meets the needs of our clients to capture opportunities in existing and emerging markets while increasing the PWIN (price to win).


Transforming leaders goes beyond development – it takes a distinctive approach that encompasses the high performance mindset your team has, and then harnessing it to support evolution to even greater heights.

ForceMultiplier’s founder, Robert Wood, personally evolves leaders using innovative processes while supporting them as their trusted advisor to ensure success.  Each solution is catered to the goals of the individual, the leadership team and the organization to align with the overall business objectives and strategic framework.

Winning in business requires consistent, yet innovative solutions that transform your team into a successful and closely aligned group. Contact ForceMultiplier Group to learn how we can help you achieve your business development and leadership evolution goals.