Don’t Climb into The Leadership Ivory Tower

How many of us have seen leaders climb the ladder into the “Tower?” Where they now put themselves into isolation or amongst a close circle of other leaders or managers and become disconnected from their subordinates or employees.

Listening Skills and Leadership – at Work, Home and Relationships Anywhere

In my current course of study on executive leadership coaching at Georgetown’s Institute of Transformational Leadership, we have been discussing the age old art of listening and the skills required to listen well.

Lead, Follow or You MUST Get Out of The Way!

I think many us have observed in our lives the challenge of someone who refuses to step up and lead, who will also not follow the leader and then who will not get out of the way as the organization or team tries to move forward.

Leadership: The Competing and Winning Lane

In today’s competitive business world, where markets are morphing and some are shrinking, where there are fewer and fewer large “game-changing” opportunities, where companies look for adjacencies to their core businesses and strategy – there is nothing, and I repeat nothing more important than strong leadership when competing.

Robert F. Wood joins PA Consulting Group to bolster defense growth in the U.S.

As the President & CEO of ForceMultiplier Group, I have now joined PA Consulting Group's senior leadership team in their U.S. Defense & Security practice. In this capacity at PA, I will focus on business development, market and defense industry strategy, executive leadership coaching and strategic planning initiatives for clients in the U.S. and globally.

I’ve Lost both Engines – Now What? Look To The Left Seat

I finally had the opportunity to see “Sully” this weekend, the movie highlighting Capt. Chesley Sullenberger’s piloting of USAIR flight 1549 and doing a forced landing on the Hudson River, saving 155 lives in one of the most amazing feats of airmanship we have ever seen.