ForceMultiplier Group provides value to the organizations in and that serve the Aerospace and Defense industry through proven strategies that empower organizations and individuals to amplify growth. Led by experienced senior executive Robert F. (Bob) Wood, the ForceMultiplier Group team lends their expertise through various solutions to ensure their clients win while delivering solid value.

Robert F. (Bob) Wood

About Robert F. (Bob) Wood:

An experienced senior executive with 18 years of increasingly responsible leadership positions in aerospace, defense and technology projects, Robert F. Wood has a documented record of success with winning competitive programs, some with awards in the hundreds of millions or billions of dollars plus contract value. He strongly believes in developing strategic initiatives for clients that ensure value while positioning them to win.

His ability to lead teams across all functional domains while acting as a trusted advisor for executive leadership provides superior results for all ForceMultiplier Group clients. He ensures the teams execute in a detailed manner, while ensuring results.

Bob has extensive defense, technology and aerospace experience across multiple platforms and systems, including substantial Washington experience with defense industry teams, senior DoD customers, the Pentagon/OSD and Capitol Hill stakeholders. He also has international and business development experience to include Europe, Australia, India, Asia, Middle East.

ForceMultiplier Group is dedicated to providing value while ensuring your organization has a trusted advisor to implement winning strategic initiatives. Contact us or visit our Solutions to learn more.